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Welcome to STARFLEET Educational Services

I wish to welcome you to the gem of STARFLEET.  As you start your time with us, it is our hope that you will find the experience both fun and educational.  The members of the staff work hard to present you with material that you may find interesting on a very wide range of subjects.  Whether you are a very deep Star Trek fan, or have other interests, the subjects we offer may be just what you would like.

We offer personal awards for completion of courses in denominations of 50, which will not be hard to do.  Once you complete your first Boothby Award at 50, you will find the next is not that far away.   Some of the courses are available to support other groups within the fleet, from the Surgeon General’s Office to STARFLEET MACO’s.

Please take the time to review our catalog for a listing of the many subjects available.  Also, you will always be seeing new subjects being presented for your enjoyment.  Exams are presented in easy to understand formats from online to exams that allow you to spend more time, and interact with the staff.

May your journey through the Academy be enriching and fun.

Lieutenant General TJ Allen
Chief, Educational Services

News From STARFLEET Educational Services

Educational Services/SFA/SFMCA – New Brand Coming

Educational Services, including, SFA and SFMCA are embarking on a new brand, look and feel that will link moodle and our website presence together and giving it its own unique official brand to standout to our members and potential members alike.  Stay tuned…

SFA – Newly Opened College

The College of Fringe Medicine is now opened (IOMA).  Come have a look and take some of the courses.

SFA – New QAM Courses

College of Gaming (IOPE) is now fully automated in QAM (online) format.

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