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Directive 2020-002

16 April 2020

All courses need to be physically reviewed and if it points to an outdated source and there is not a manual that is attached, review the updated source and update the course.

If the course comes with a manual, verify with the links of where the manual was pulled to make sure it is also updated.  We do not need to be putting a review date on the document if it is pulling from a source where the course is outdated.

When reviewing, please make sure you are looking at:
  1. Outdated material (as stated in TJ’s directive)
  2. Spelling and grammar
  3. Questions that may be ambiguous or confusing
  4. Manuals must have sources cited as to where the material came from
  5. Make sure the new “return to” line is on all exams (the director’s name and email should NOT be on any exam)
Additional Information
When you have finished reviewing everything, please make sure new .doc files of everything are sent to your Dean to be put in the archives.  Also, new PDF copies will have to be uploaded to Moodle; for those who are self-managing, you are expected to complete this task, and for those who are not self-managing, you are expected to send the PDF files to your Dean. 
Colleges that do not complete this mandatory review will be closed as of 1 January 2021, until such time as the review is completed.