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Directive 2020-003

17 July 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen of the STARFLEET Academy and STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy
We have a new School opening in the STARFLEET Officers Command College.  The course is two 25-point exams that deal with GDPR in STARFLEET. 
Since each of you deal with Personal Identity Information and General Data, I do highly recommend each person to take this course.  I have a schedule which I would like to follow on this to make sure the staff is fully aware of how GDPR works in STARFLEET.
The Educational Services Staff (anyone reporting to me which includes the Academic Council of the SFA Commandant and Vice and the SFMCA Superintendent and Deputy).  You have 10 days starting Monday July 19 2020 to take the course since it is to open on  Saturday.
The Staff of the Academies from Assistant Dean and up.  You have 30 days from Monday July 19 2020 to take the course.
The Directors and Assitant Directors of the Academies.  You have 60 days from Monday July 19 2020 to take.